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Identify, Negotiate, Reduce Liability

Our Chartered Surveyors play an important role in assisting tenants identify, negotiate and potentially reduce their financial liability for any defects or disrepair.

Defects and items of repair, which under the terms of the lease, are normally termed as dilapidations. The importance of the surveyor can be in establishing the liabilities under the lease, identifying defects and dis-repairs and report on the work required to make good through cost effective repairs. These costs should be factored by the tenant.


Examples of schedules of dilapidations are commonly referred to as:

  • Terminal Schedules - which are prepared at or shortly following the end of lease.

  • Interim Schedules - prepared in response to alleged breaches during the lease term.

  • Scott Schedule - a schedule of dilapidations with additional columns for information to aid an exchanges of views.

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Project Meeting


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