Commercial Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Schedule

Plan, Budget, Maintain

Plan, Budget, Maintain

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Schedules, are also regularly referred to  as  Planned Maintenance Schedules or Scheduled Maintenance Plans, but these are essentially terms for the same type of survey.

A PPM will provide you with an overview of building elemental condition and estimated maintenance costs spanning over a specified time period, typically 10 years into the future. The aim is to reduce expensive reactive maintenance and the damage this can cause to a building and enable you to budget for planned maintenance.

Why Choose Jarman Ward?

  • We have the expert knowledge to carry out these complex surveys.
  • Full integration with statutory matters and defect analysis.
  • Access to the latest technology to allow us to be both comprehensive and competitive.
  • Report tailored to your requirements.
  • Electronic output allows for integration with your database.

Commercial Commisions

We have been commissioned to undertake PPM Schedules on many commercial buildings varying from modern office premises to Grade I Listed Manor Houses. We combine our knowledge of construction, building defects and building cost estimating to provide you with a wealth of condition and maintenance information to enable you plan and budget efficiently and accurately.

A Weathered Eye on the Future

A good example of the benefits of a PPM is, during an inspection we identified the need for significant roof repairs and estimated urgency of the defect and the cost of those repairs. This allowed the client to provide the necessary budget in the following financial year.

Had the PPM not been undertaken the reactive costs would not only be required to undertake the roof repairs but additional costs of making good saturated roof timbers with the increased threat of rot, replacement of thermal insulation and damaged plasterboard ceiling below. The defect had not yet led to water ingress and was not visible from ground level but had it not been identified and correctly diagnosed, the client would not have known until the damage was done.

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    Springfields South is a Satellite Centre of The Springfields Academy, a Specialist School for children on the Autistic Spectrum. Springfields South have worked alongside Jarman Ward to provide our young people with an education provision which meets the complex needs of the children within our school.

    Rebecca Deacon – Head of School – Springfields South

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