Residential Building Surveys

Knowledge, Expertise, Report

Knowledge, Expertise, Report

Jarman Ward Limited is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and with our experience and expertise you can be confident that you will get impartial professional advice. We endeavour to provide you with a fast, competitive service too. We work closely with residential clients and understand that when purchasing a home, you require access to accurate information quickly and at a competitive rate.

Why invest in a building survey?

When purchasing a property, we understand that you want reassurance that you are making a positive investment. Here at Jarman Ward our Surveyors can assist you with this by undertaking a building survey, enabling you to have a good understanding of the overall condition of the property.   

We have compiled a quick guide to help you decide which survey best suits your needs.

Why Choose Jarman Ward?

  • Surveys Undertaken by RICS Chartered Building Surveyors.
  • Our Surveyors have a Vast Range of Building Construction and Defect Knowledge.
  • We are Friendly and Courteous both in the Access Arrangements and Whilst on Site.
  • We Provide Clear Reports with Explanations of Technical Details.
  • We Undertake Surveys on all types of residential buildings.
  • We have a Particular Interest in Period and Listed Buildings.
  • We can also Undertake Mortgage Re-Build Valuations.
  • Our Reports have Received some Fantastic Feedback over the Years.

A Word of Caution Before We Begin

A Property Valuation is not a type of Building Survey. Valuations are usually commissioned by lenders such as mortgage firms who are lending to fund the purchase of a property and their purpose is to provide the lenders with information to assess the risk involved in any lending agreement. It will likely not include a detailed assessment of the structural condition of a property, as such please read our survey descriptions below, or contact us for further advice. At Jarman Ward we do not undertake Valuations for lending purposes.

Condition Report (equivalent to RICS Level 1)

This entry-level survey shows a concise overview of the condition of the property to inform purchasers. This level of survey highlights any urgent defects and aims to offer guidance to your legal advisors. This survey is aimed at conventional properties of a new build age only.

Homebuyer (equivalent to RICS Level 2)

Our homebuyer style report is tailored to the property and provides more information than you would find in a conventional homebuyer report. It is crucial to identify defects in the structural condition so you know the level of defects before committing to purchase. 

Many of our past clients have either been reassured with peace of mind for being armed with such information when making such a significant purchase.

Full Building Survey (equivalent to RICS Level 3)

A full building survey (known in the past as a Full Structural Survey) is the most comprehensive report it is recommended for older properties, non-conventional construction, where properties have not been maintained adequately or if you are planning substantial alteration or refurbishment work. The report provides a detailed analysis of the condition of the property, advice on defects, repairs and maintenance. 

Defect Diagnosis Report

If you are concerned by a specific defect in your property such as water leaks, damp or evidence of movement such as cracking, we can arrange an inspection of your property and are able to undertake a detailed survey which will specifically diagnose any defects in the fabric of the property or provide recommendations for further investigations depending on the complexity and extent of the defect.

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    Thanks again for the survey which is very comprehensive and useful.

    Roger Holroyd – CST Industries

    What Our Clients Have To Say

    Thank you very much for this comprehensive report. It was obviously no mean feat and is much appreciated. 

    Dan A – Residential Client

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