Project Management

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Communication, Leadership, Negotiation

We use a proven set of management tools and processes to ensure that plans, information and actions can be allocated, deadlines met and crucially that all stakeholders are aware of their roles and the responsibilities to deliver.

We have delivered many projects thorough knowledge of project governance, planning, programming, contract administration, risk management and cross- disciplinary communication. We provide the client with a dedicated point of contact throughout the project whilst ensuring successful delivery.

We are very experienced in the management of projects within live operational environments. We seek to communicate and tailor our approach to both technical and non-technical individuals alike.


We have delivered projects within a vast range of buildings, a small selection is listed below:

  • Primary Schools/Nurseries – extensions, refurbishments, roof replacements, window schemes, new play equipment, kitchen upgrades.

  • Listed buildings – reception designs, new car parks, training room designs, fire risk measures.

  • Police Stations and Support Buildings – extensions, refurbishments, maintenance repairs, temporary buildings, new office layouts.

  • Offices – Disability access improvements, new space layouts, refreshes.

  • Houses – extensions, structural repairs, defect diagnosis, new builds.

  • Residential dwellings, local authorities, museum trusts, library organisations, commercial companies (small-medium to large blue chip), police authorities, postal delivery organisations, charities, developers.


Project Meeting


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